European Union Says it Won’t Join China in Trade War Retaliation


The European Union is under pressure from China. China wants the E.U. to make a solid joint statement against President Donald Trump’s trade policies. European officials said that China wants this to happen at a summit later in July, but that the E.U. isn’t willing.

The European Union Refused the Offer

In meetings in Berlin, Beijing, and Brussels, top Chinese officials proposed an alliance between China and the E.U. State Councilor Wang Yi, Vice Premier Liu He, and other senior Chinese officials proposed this alliance and offered to open more of the Chinese market for the EU.

They also stated that they would like the European Union and China to take joint action against the U.S. at the World Trade Organization.

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But the European Union is the world’s largest trading bloc, and they rejected this idea of allying with China against the U.S. Five E.U. diplomats and officials reported this to the media as the Sino-European summit is expected to happen on July 16-17 in Beijing.

What Can We Expect to Happen?

Experts expect that this summit will produce a modest statement. E.U. officials said that they expect that the communiqué they make will affirm the commitment of both sides to the trading system. It will also promise to make a working group to modernize the WTO.