Ex-Goldman Trading Case Unravels: Analyst’s Guilty Plea Sends Shockwaves

Ex-Goldman Trading Case Unravels: Analyst's Guilty Plea Sends Shockwaves

In a riveting turn of events, a former Goldman Sachs analyst, Anthony Viggiano, is set to plead guilty this week in a high-stakes insider-trading case that has sent shockwaves through the financial world. Viggiano, aged 26, once associated with asset management giant Blackstone Inc., is accused of sharing confidential information about impending mergers and market-moving events with friends, leading to illicit gains totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Guilty Plea Unveiled

Viggiano’s legal counsel, Steven Brill of Sullivan & Brill LLP, revealed that the disgraced analyst will admit his culpability in a conspiracy to commit securities fraud. The stunning revelation is expected to unfold during a change of plea hearing before U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni on Thursday.

Conspiracy and Illicit Trades

The 11-count indictment against Viggiano includes charges of securities fraud and conspiracy. Prosecutors allege that he provided nonpublic information to friends, empowering them to execute lucrative trades. Viggiano’s college companion, Stephen Forlano Jr., aged 27, reportedly capitalized on three such deals, reaping around $114,000 in profits.

Ex-Goldman Trading Case: Cooperation and Downstream Tippees

Further complicating the narrative, Christopher Salamone, aged 35, another friend of Viggiano, has already pleaded guilty and is cooperating with prosecutors. The SEC lawsuit claims Salamone traded on six deals tipped by Viggiano, amassing an eye-watering $322,000 in illegal gains. Nathan Bleckley, 26, named by the SEC as a downstream tippee, allegedly earned about $25,000 through tips from Forlano.

Exploiting Corporate Moves

Viggiano’s alleged exploits include tipping off friends about a 2021 partnership valued at $2.2 billion, where Blackstone partnered with insurer American International Group Inc. for life and retirement assets. The analyst is also accused of sharing information about the 2022 acquisition of CDK Global Inc. by a group of global investment partners, causing a surge in the shares of the automotive data and technology company.

Ex-Goldman Trading Case: Insider Knowledge Unveiled

Charging documents reveal Viggiano’s alleged insider knowledge involving deals with Harmony Biosciences Holdings Inc., ChannelAdvisor Corp., Maxar Technologies, and Atlas Technical Consultants Inc., among others.

Legal Maneuvering and Ongoing Investigation

With Viggiano’s guilty plea impending, the legal landscape surrounding this case is becoming increasingly complex. The government, represented by Jared P. Lenow and Peter J. Davis, remains tight-lipped, while counsel for Forlano refrains from commenting on the unfolding drama.

Ex-Goldman Trading Case: Next Chapter in the Courtroom Saga

As the case of U.S. v. Anthony Viggiano et al. continues to captivate the financial and legal spheres, the courtroom drama unfolds, shedding light on the intricate web of insider trading that has ensnared former associates of prestigious financial institutions.