An Expose on Corrupt Senator Mitt Romney


Last week, the Senate voted to acquit President Trump on both articles of impeachment. Despite this vote and despite the Republican-majority, one GOP senator broke from his party and voted to convict President Trump.

The GOP senator in question is none other than Williard Mitt Romney.

Reviewing Romney’s Vote to Convict Trump

Unlike other members of the GOP, Romney alleged that Trump committed an “appalling abuse of public trust.” During his remarks at the Senate impeachment trial, Romney accused the president of withholding aide from Ukraine and pushing the government to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

Time and time again, these allegations have been debunked; the president of Ukraine himself maintains that Trump never pushed for an investigation in exchange for access to withheld funds. Similarly to Zelensky, the transcripts of the president’s phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart affirm that no quid-pro-quo took place.

Still, none of these details stopped Romney from standing before the Senate, accusing Trump of a “flagrant assault of electoral rights,” and then voting to convict him.

The Aftermath of Romney’s Vote to Convict

The Utah senator is facing unspeakable amounts of backlash due to his vote to convict the president. Countless Republicans have come out, slamming Romney and stating that they firmly disagree with him. Others, such as first son Donald Trump Jr., have called for Romney to face expulsion from the Republican Party altogether.

When dealing with President Trump, Romney has shown a tendency to flip-flop in his loyalties. During Romney’s 2012 run for president, Trump proudly provided his blessing and endorsement. As we all know, Romney lost the 2012 election, thus handing a second term to Obama.

Then, when Trump launched his own presidential campaign, Romney publically urged Republicans not to support him as the nominee. Still, in spite of this, President Trump backed Romney when the latter ran for the Utah Senate seat in 2018.

The Real Reason Why Romney Voted to Convict Trump

In the aftermath of Romney’s vote against the president, many Democrats have come to his defense. Interestingly enough, these are the same Democrats who previously savaged Romney, tarnishing him whenever he sought public office. The left is only supporting the Utah senator now because their hatred for Trump transcends all else.

Due to the lack of evidence supporting Democrats’ impeachment case, the vast majority of Republicans are not buying that Romney’s faith motivated his decision last week. Many GOP members have chalked it up to jealousy, stating that Romney resents Trump for doing something he never could — winning a presidential election.

The Utah senator’s repeated pattern of trashing Trump only to later accept political assistance from him hasn’t done Romney any favors either. For all intents and purposes, Republicans are done with Williard Mitt Romney.