FCC Mandates Expanded Network Outage Reporting Post-Disasters

FCC Mandates Expanded Network Outage Reporting Post-Disasters

In a unanimous decision on Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated broader categories of telecommunication providers to report network outages to a nationwide system managed by the FCC following disasters.

Enhancing Outage Data Collection

Commissioners voted unanimously to enact both an order and potential regulations to enhance outage data reporting. This move comes as a response to inconsistent data received by the agency during disasters, hindering emergency responses due to the lack of comprehensive information on communication network downtimes.

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel emphasized the critical importance of this data, highlighting gaps in coverage and participation among providers. “Not every provider files data with us. Not every technology is covered by our rules. And I think these gaps are unacceptable,” Rosenworcel stated.

Expanding Data Collection Scope

Commissioner Anna Gomez echoed Rosenworcel’s sentiments, stressing the necessity of evaluating network performance during emergencies to ensure effective disaster responses and continuous service provision to affected communities.