FDA Praised For Approving Opill® Over-the-Counter Birth Control


According to the Kasier Family Foundation, a significant 77% of women support over the counter access to birth control, with the caveat that research confirms this medication to be effective and safe.

Millions of women nationwide use birth control. Some rely on the medication to prevent unwanted pregnancies, avoid painful menstrual cycles, manage PMS, etc.

For quite some time, there was talk about birth control being made available over the counter, but nothing truly materialized.

That all changed on Thursday, July 13, 2023. This is when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved the birth contorl pill known as Opill (norgestrel).

What to know about accessing birth control over the counter

Women using birth control, up until now, needed to recieve a prescription from a doctor. However, getting a prescription can consume extra time and serve as an added hoop that many women would like to avoid jumping through.

Thanks to the FDA, Opill will exist over the counter starting on the earlier side of 2024. It’ll be in not just drug stores, but also grocery stores, online, and in convenience stores.