Federal Unemployment Benefits End After Labor Day Weekend


GOP members and economic experts have stated that continued unemployment benefits discourage Americans from seeking employment. Many people have therefore opted to sit at home and get money from the government, rather than work.

Democrats, of course, continue to deny and dismiss this as a possibility.

Good news for U.S. businesses?

With inflation, labor shortages, and more, American businesses have been through the wringer in 2021. It also doesn’t help matters that Biden is looking to raise taxes and regulations, neither of which is very business-friendly.

With federal unemployment benefits ending, this will undoubtedly drive more people to find work. As Goldman Sachs noted, more Americans in the workforce will naturally reduce labor shortages. This will subsequently allow businesses to remain open and keep serving their communities.

Democrats, over Labor Day weekend, made known their frustration with the end of federal unemployment aid. Leftists expressed on social media that Biden should extend these benefits past Labor Day weekend; however, there’s no sign the president plans to do this.