First Responders Sue Oregon Governor Over COVID Vaccine Mandate


With every COVID vaccine mandate comes more resistance. More Americans are standing up and saying NO to mandates that require them to get the jab. The irony of this all is that the very people who want everyone to receive the vaccine are engendering the opposite impact via their mandates.

There’s a push by Democrat mayors and governors to have city and state employees receive the COVID vaccine. The vaccination mandates keep coming; however, more city and state employees are not taking this rolling over.

Weeks ago, Los Angeles firefighters spoke out against a mandate for city workers to receive the shot. Likewise, there are reports that certain healthcare providers are concerned about nurses quitting in response to COVID vaccine mandates.

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In one of the latest developments, first responders in Oregon are suing Democrat Governor Kate Brown over her mandate for state workers to get the COVID vaccine by October 18.

A closer look at the lawsuit against the Oregon governor

Brown and the state of Oregon are the defendants in this lawsuit. Meanwhile, the plaintiffs include Oregon State Police officers, the Fraternal Order of Police, and a Klamath Falls firefighters organization.

In this suit, the plaintiffs argue that Governor Brown is in violation of the First Amendment, the Oregon Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution. This lawsuit additionally states that it is “unconscionable” for Governor Brown and Oregon to force state workers to choose between their constitutional rights and their livelihoods.

Oregon’s vaccine mandate for state workers does not permit the submission of a negative COVID test in lieu of the vaccination.

More lawsuits to come?

As time passes, more people are willing to stand up against mandatory, forced coronavirus vaccines. The goalposts on COVID continue to move. Just earlier this month, Fauci stated that “fully vaccinated” will soon mean having the COVID booster shots that are coming out.

Healthcare officials, ironically, have played a huge role in distrust towards the COVID vaccine. When Leana Wen appears on CNN and calls for life to get harder for unvaccinated Americans, this doesn’t inspire trust. Likewise, the constant flip-flopping from the CDC doesn’t inspire trust either.

Vaccine mandates continue to have the opposite effect than intended. Only time will determine how this ultimately ends. At this point, however, the majority of Americans who don’t have the vaccine have no intention of getting it.

This is the reality whether health officials like it or not.