Few Americans Have Confidence in Weight Loss Drugs


In fact, Americans are more likely to see these drugs as advantageous in tackling health problems stemming from weight gain than they are to believe they’ll help with weight loss itself.

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Almost seven in ten Americans believe the aforementioned pharmaceuticals won’t really make a dent in tackling the national obesity crisis. Only 35% of people hold the opposing view and feel that medicines like Wegovy and Ozempic can have an impact on lowering obesity rates.

Findings from the Pew Research Center furthermore show that 65% don’t think individual willpower is enough for losing and regulating weight.

Understandable hesitance from the public?

Like all pharmaceuticals, weight loss drugs come with various risk factors and potential side effects.

In the case of Wegovy, people who consume it may face problems such as nausea, fatigue, constipation, and even abdominal pain. Folks who ingest Ozempic also run the risk of the same side effects; although in severe cases, they could come down with vision changes, gastroparesis, and pancreatitis.