Fick & Marx Sues US Army Colonel Over Unsettled Legal Fees

Fick & Marx Sues US Army Colonel

In a twist that sounds more like a courtroom drama than real life, esteemed Boston boutique defense firm, Fick & Marx LLP, has thrown down the legal gauntlet against former U.S. Army Colonel Joseph Baptiste. Their grievance? An eye-watering unpaid legal bill that towers at $142,570.

The masterminds behind the firm, William Fick & Daniel Marx, paint a picture of deception and neglect in their freshly filed complaint. Baptiste, they claim, acknowledged the bill’s existence and even conceded its correctness. Yet, the dues, which were significantly slashed from an initial $300,000 fee, remain unpaid over a year later.

Baptiste’s Brush With Law

Last year, as the sun shone down on June, the clouds hanging over Baptiste and his co-defendant, Richard Boncy, were finally dispelled. The government, in a last-minute revelation, decided to abandon its case against the duo. This decision was fueled by the FBI’s discovery of text messages that painted the pair in a more innocent light than previously thought.