Fidelity, Infidelity and Technology – How Cheaters Cheat And How I Catch Them


These three elements are a part of the information age. Fidelity is the ideal loyal partnership while infidelity is the bugbear that rears its ugly head at one point or another.

Infidelity obviously causes an enormous amount of pain and suffering for those who experience it. Technology is the magic password to get your own back on a cheating partner, male or female.


Many partnerships enjoy true commitment, which means there is no cheating. These partnerships are based on trust and third-party liaisons do not form part of the equation.

These are generally regarded as the ideal type of relationship, but few couples manage to get this right. If they do, they are usually based on solid moral or faith-based foundations. This situation applies to approximately 80% of the population, so there is hope.

Fidelity, loyalty, and trust can, however, be interpreted differently by the sexes. For some, no cheating equates to zero flirting online or sneaking around for clandestine meetings with members of the opposite sex.

For others, a bit of light-hearted banter or flirtation at the office or online is just a moment in the day that lightens up their life for a moment. Let’s face, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of an ego boost from time-to-time?

Women, however, regard men flirting online as a breach of trust. Men may agree, but others will be more liberal with this definition of fidelity. Men in this category will see online surfing, chatting up an old flame, or flirting on Facebook or elsewhere, as their right.

They simply don’t believe this is a breach of trust and laugh off any suggestion to the contrary. These habits tend to expand into something more ominous, like arranging the face to face meeting.


Online chatting can occur on so many different media platforms these days that it is hard to keep track of them all. Cheating, affairs, liaisons or whatever you want to call them translates into a breach of trust in a monogamous relationship. We all carry mobile devices and we have all downloaded the apps that help us to communicate at a moment’s notice.

Beginning an affair this way, with a stranger or someone that you know, is generally how it starts. That exciting transient little tingle of excitement runs through you and for a while, you feel attractive, wanted and needed.

Chatting increases and the one party makes the next move and suggests a personal meeting. Then the affair that you have been “innocently” pursuing online, moves up a notch. The potential for someone getting hurt or paying damages also now bumps up to the next level.

That sense of unease and suspicions by the partner have also been growing. When one-half of the partnerships start to cheat, it is inevitable that their behavior changes. No matter how subtle or careful they think they are, people are just not that stupid.

Their sixth sense kicks in but they are unable to quite identify the problem or prove it. Checking ‘phones, PC’s and tablets usually reveal little to the untrained eye.


Technology Experts

Luckily, someone who is well versed in mobile technology and apps can quickly and easily establish whether your suspicions are correct. Mobile tech means that someone, somewhere, can trace where you are, where you have been, and who you have been with, provided relevant contact numbers are available. The cheaters are not as invisible or as clever as they think they are.

Tech savvy individuals are frequently cleverer than cheaters and the right people to approach when suspicious have been raised. Tracking software is available and makes it easy to establish someone’s movements.

So, all those sneaky sexting messages that have been exchanged can also be recovered from mobile devices, PC’s and emails. Modern technology ensures that you are never as invisible as you would like to believe.

Private investigators are the best experts to approach if you suspect a partner is cheating. They have the knowledge and experience to expose betrayal and to protect your assets.

When you feel in need of support, a competent PI is also a very strong ally to have on your side. Finding proof is just a few steps away on that innocent looking mobile device, lying latent in its software apps, waiting for the right pro to expose it.

You need to protect yourself from disloyalty, whether male or female. Both sexes cheat and this behavior can be devastating emotionally, mentally and financially. Rest assured that your cheating partner can be caught out because he/she has left a very easily discoverable trail, albeit unwittingly.

Who knew the mobile device and its social media apps could be your best friend after all. Your next best friend is the expert who knows how to expose cheating records.

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