Fidelity, Infidelity and Technology – How Cheaters Cheat And How I Catch Them


These three elements are a part of the information age. Fidelity is the ideal loyal partnership while infidelity is the bugbear that rears its ugly head at one point or another.

Infidelity obviously causes an enormous amount of pain and suffering for those who experience it. Technology is the magic password to get your own back on a cheating partner, male or female.


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Many partnerships enjoy true commitment, which means there is no cheating. These partnerships are based on trust and third-party liaisons do not form part of the equation.

These are generally regarded as the ideal type of relationship, but few couples manage to get this right. If they do, they are usually based on solid moral or faith-based foundations. This situation applies to approximately 80% of the population, so there is hope.

Fidelity, loyalty, and trust can, however, be interpreted differently by the sexes. For some, no cheating equates to zero flirting online or sneaking around for clandestine meetings with members of the opposite sex.

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John DeMarr
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