Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Leadership Crisis Continues


On Saturday, Boyton Brown wrote a post on Medium in which she defended Bittel. According to her, “It is unfortunate that not everyone who has worked with Chairman Bittel has had the same experience I have.”

She said in her experience the FDP chairman “has been refreshingly open to feedback” regarding his conversational style. Bittel “modified his approach when he learned that others found it off-putting.”

Additionally, Boynton Brown stated that Bittel treated her as a “full-partner and transferred real power” to her immediately upon hiring.

“His complete confidence and willingness to empower others is what has allowed us to make such great strides here in Florida in his short tenure. I will greatly miss his leadership and selfless dedication to our Party,” she said.

Furthermore, Boynton Brown said, “I am heartbroken to think that members of our staff may have not felt comfortable coming to me to share their truths.”  She noted that they’ve been working to change the culture of FDP to ensure that it is transparent and inclusive.