Florida suspends license of nursing home over 9 deaths after Hurricane Irma


Florida suspended the license of the nursing home where nine patients died after suffering in the sweltering heat due to lack of air conditioning.  Hurricane Irma knocked out power in the state.

On Wednesday, the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) issued an emergency suspension order in the license of Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills.

On September 13, the agency ordered the nursing home to stop admitting new patients and receiving Medicaid. It also started an investigation into the multiple deaths.

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According to the AHCA, the preliminary results of the investigation showed that a permanent emergency suspension of license is warranted and necessary.

Preliminary results of investigation into nursing home deaths

Initial findings showed the facility failed to provide timely medical care to patients because the trained medical professionals delayed calling 911. They did not evacuate the patients on time to the air-conditioned hospital across the street.

It was already too late to save the patients when brought to the hospital because their body temperatures were too high. Their body temperatures ranged from 107  to 109.9 degrees Fahrenheit.