Forensics: Peruvian Alien Bodies are Bone-crafted dolls from Earth


Peruvian forensic experts have shattered the claims that alien bodies were discovered in a Peruvian airport last year.

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Contrary to widespread belief, these extraterrestrial beings are nothing more than dolls meticulously crafted from the bones of earthly animals. 

This revelation comes after a comprehensive analysis done by forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada and his team.

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Alien Bodies 

The Associated Press reports that customs authorities in Peru seized two doll-like figures from a shipment bound for Mexico in October. These figures initially thought to be extraterrestrial entities, have now been confirmed to be products of our planet. 

Estrada said the analysis, categorically refuted notions of an “alien center” or any extraterrestrial origins. And emphasized that the figures are assembled from bones of animals indigenous to Earth using modern synthetic glues.

Forensic Examination

At a press conference in Lima, Mr. Estrada displayed the two-foot-long dolls dressed in vibrant, multicolored clothing. Forensic experts pointed out that the materials used in crafting these dolls included bones from birds, dogs, and various animals.