GEF Capital Closes $325M Climate-Focused Fund

GEF Capital Closes $325M Climate-Focused Fund
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Latham & Watkins LLP-advised GEF Capital Partners proudly announced a monumental achievement in its mission to combat climate change. On Monday, the firm revealed the successful closure of its GEF US Climate Solutions Fund II, amassing a hefty $325 million, surpassing its original $250 million target. This strategic fund aims to fortify control investments in lower middle-market companies across the U.S. and Canada, enhancing their capabilities in climate change mitigation and pollution remediation.

GEF Capital Closes $325M Climate-Focused Fund : Overwhelming Support from Investors

The overwhelming investor interest in the GEF Capital’s fund highlights the growing trend towards climate-conscious investments. Esteemed investors including Blue Earth Capital, HQ Capital, and Nordea have shown robust support, emphasizing the critical need for innovative climate change solutions. This impressive lineup of supporters underscores a shared commitment to pioneering substantial environmental progress.

A Diverse Portfolio Driving Real Change

GEF Capital, based in Washington, D.C., has been a beacon of sustainability since its inception in 2018, following a spinout from the Global Environment Fund. With a focus on energy efficiency, alternative energy, and the electrification of transportation, the firm has curated a portfolio of companies that are making significant strides in environmental sustainability. Noteworthy ventures include InSite, which maximizes building efficiency through advanced data use, Lifecycle Renewables, converting restaurant waste into renewable energy, and Murf E-Bikes, innovators in the electric bicycle market.

GEF Capital Closes $325M Climate-Focused Fund : Expanding the Team for Future Growth

In line with the fund’s successful closure, GEF Capital also announced the addition of two new operating partners to its U.S. investment team, further strengthening its leadership in climate-focused initiatives. The new members, Eric Townsend and Radha Badani, bring decades of expertise in operational growth and strategic marketing, poised to propel the company toward achieving even greater environmental and financial outcomes.