Gov. Cuomo Orders Multi-Agency Probe into Chemical Explosion at Verla International


The DEC will look into facility operations including chemical storage and use practices. The agency will make sure that the company did not violate environmental regulations that led to the chemical explosion.

The department’s investigators will inspect the company’s hazardous waste management methods of waste collection, storage, and disposal. They will also investigate if the company has emergency preparedness plans, response equipment, and communication devices.

Additionally, the investigators will examine if the facility staff has proper training in hazardous waste management.

Furthermore, DEC deployed air monitoring equipment to evaluate the conditions in the area. It is also monitoring water quality impacts from the fire.

DEV Commissioner Basil Seggos said the department is serious in carrying out its responsibility. “Investigators from DEC will leave no stone unturned to figure out what happened.”

On the other hand, the Department of State Division of Building Standards and Code will also investigate compliance at the plant. The agency already offered assistance to the Town of New Windsor to assess the overall condition of the building. It will provide technical support to determine code violations that contributed to the cause or spread of the fire.