Gov. Wolf Calls for Passage of Bill that Prohibits Domestic Abusers Possess Guns


From 2009 to 2016, 156 mass shootings happened in the United States. Those incidents caused the deaths of 848 people and injuries to 339 others. Fifty-four percent (54%) of the mass shootings were linked to domestic violence, according to research.

In a statement, Gov. Wolf said, “We must protect victims – spouses and children – of domestic violence and attempt to prevent domestic abusers from escalating their violence in everyday places that result in mass murder.”

He added, “It is time for the General Assembly to act on this bipartisan, commonsense legislation to protect victims and reduce violence.”

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Gov. Wolf is pushing a package of reforms to prevent domestic violence

Gov. Wolf has been pushing a package of reforms to prevent domestic violence. Senate Bill 501 is one of them.

The other legislation include SB 196, which allows a judge to order electronic monitoring of a PFA defendant if found to be at substantial risk of violating the PFA. SB 449 provides additional risk assessment tools for Magisterial District judges to determine bail in cases of domestic violence