Government Contracts Cases in 2024: High-Stakes Battles and Legal Twists Unveiled

Government Contracts Cases In 2024

Federal courts are poised for a thrilling showdown in 2024, navigating the labyrinth of government contracting law. From the president’s procurement authority to software licenses as procurement contracts, the landscape is rife with complexity. Law360 presents an electrifying preview of key cases that will keep government contractors on the edge of their seats.

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Loading...’s Bold Challenge: Procurements Without Bidding

In a perplexing legal tangle,’s audacious appeal revolves around the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s AI project contract. The heart of the matter lies in unraveling the statutory preference for commercial items and determining if bidders, like Percipient, have a legal standing to protest unbidded procurements. Legal experts suggest a web of complexities, with the task order bar taking center stage. The case promises a gripping legal saga, weaving together unprecedented threads.

Government Contracts Cases In 2024 : Avue Technologies’ Battle with the FDA

In another legal spectacle, Avue Technologies challenges the conventional notion of procurement contracts, asserting that a software end-user license agreement (EULA) is, in fact, a procurement contract. With implications echoing across industries, this case explores the intricacies of indirect government access through reseller agreements. Avue contends that the EULA’s connection to the procurement contract warrants a jurisdictional green light. The Federal Circuit’s decision could reshape the landscape for companies navigating government challenges via reseller agreements.

Crucial SAM Registrations: A Make-or-Break Dilemma

A series of recent claims court decisions have thrust SAM (System for Award Management) registrations into the spotlight. CGS-ASP Security JV LLC and Hanford Tank Waste Operations & Closure LLC stand at the forefront, challenging the strict enforcement of SAM registration requirements. The Federal Circuit is poised to define the strictness of these requirements, with potential contractors facing the specter of losing bids due to lapses in registration. This legal wave challenges long-held beliefs in the government contracts arena, setting the stage for a reevaluation of laws and regulations.

Government Contracts Cases In 2024: Minimum Wage Mandate Under Scrutiny

A seismic legal battle awaits as circuit courts grapple with the extent of the president’s authority over federal procurement policy. The Department of Labor’s contentious rule mandating a $15-per-hour minimum wage for federal contractors faces vehement opposition, challenging the boundaries set by the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act. The outcomes in the Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Circuits could reshape the Procurement Act’s scope, potentially setting the stage for a landmark Supreme Court intervention.