Greer Burns & Crain Wins Suit Alleging Online Atty Impersonation


As of this report, the rogue website, once a thorn in Greer Burns’ side, lies dormant, neutralized by the vigilant efforts of domain host GoDaddy.

Greer Burns & Crain Wins Suit Alleging Online Atty Impersonation : The Sinister Scheme Unveiled

This legal odyssey began in October when Greer Burns & Crain, like detectives peering through a fog of deception, alleged a nefarious plot. The defendant had been using a doppelganger domain to impersonate the firm’s attorneys, meddling in court-ordered asset restraints in Illinois federal court cases.

Greer Burns, known for its crusade against counterfeit and infringing products, often found its employees negotiating on online platforms for the lifting of asset restraints post-settlement. The defendant exploited this, forging signatures and misusing GBC’s trademarks in a daring game of legal cat and mouse.

Their audacity knew no bounds, as they even fabricated court documents to mislead giants like Inc., all in a bid to manipulate asset restraints.

Silent Shadows: The Parties Behind the Curtain

At the story’s edge, the characters remain cloaked in mystery. Representatives for the parties involved were unavailable for comment. However, Greer Burns & Crain Ltd. stands tall, represented by a team of legal eagles led by Amy C. Ziegler, Justin R. Gaudio, Allyson M. Martin, and Justin T. Joseph. The shadowy defendant, however, remains an enigma, with no counsel information available.