Grimes’ Dramatic Pursuit: Chasing Elon Musk Across Texas to Serve Custody Papers


In what has become a nationwide legal saga, Grimes, aka Claire Boucher the popular singer, has embarked on a determined mission. Her representatives have been chasing Elon Musk across Texas and California to serve her former partner with custody papers. 

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This quest took an intriguing turn, spanning over 12 different locations, including the headquarters of SpaceX and a horse farm. The legal drama unfolded as Grimes sought physical custody of their three children, thrusting the private lives of these high-profile individuals into the public eye.

Chasing Elon Musk

 According to court records, Grimes resorted to hiring individuals to track down Elon Musk for the purpose of serving him custody papers. The lawsuit, filed in a Texas court, centers around Grimes’ pursuit of physical custody of their three children. This legal clash erupted shortly after Musk filed a quiet lawsuit to “establish the parent-child relationship” with his offspring.