Hackers Stole $100 Million of Crypto from US Celebrities — Arrested by Europol

Bitcoin cybercriminal
Bitcoin cybercriminal

Europol, the European police agency, has arrested over 10 cybercriminals. The hackers obtained over $100 million in digital currencies using the SIM-swapping technique. According to an official press release, the hackers have targeted high-profile victims. Some victims include sports stars, musicians, and famous internet influencers in the United States.

SIM-swapping technique is a low-cost, easy to perform way of stealing from victims. The attackers need to find information about the wireless connection of their target, and most of the time, all the hackers need is a phone number. Additionally, according to cyber-security experts, people in the United States who have phone number accounts with wireless carriers are vulnerable to SIM-swapping hack. 

Europol said in a statement, “The attacks orchestrated by this criminal gang targeted thousands of victims throughout 2020. Moreover, the criminals are believed to have stolen from them over USD 100 million in cryptocurrencies. They illegally gainned access to victims’ phones.”