Heimlich Maneuver Saves Senator Joni Ernst during Republican Lunch


Other Senators who witnessed the event expressed gratitude for Paul’s quick and effective response. They also emphasized the importance of knowing how to administer the Heimlich maneuver in such emergencies.

Despite political differences, senators such as Lindsey Graham and Cynthia Lummis commended Senator Paul’s life-saving actions. 

After the incident, Ernst and Paul took the opportunity to address their colleagues, stressing the significance of Heimlich maneuver training. 

Senator Ernst, known for her wit, responded to a reporter’s post about the incident with a humorous caption, linking the choking episode to her disdain for what she called “woke policies forced down our throats.” 

Although she was trying to inject humor into the situation, she received some highly politicized responses to her X post.

About the Senators

Joni Ernst, a Republican senator from Iowa, has been serving since 2015, making history as the first female combat veteran in the Senate. Before her political career, she had a distinguished military service record in the Iowa Army National Guard.