Heimlich Maneuver Saves Senator Joni Ernst during Republican Lunch


During a closed-door Republican lunch, Senator Joni Ernst, 53, found herself in a life-threatening situation when she choked on her food. Fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul, swiftly intervened. He performed the Heim

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lich maneuver to rescue Ernst.

Paul a medical doctor with a background in ophthalmology may have saved her life.

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The Heimlich Maneuver in Action

According to the National Safety Council, “the Heimlich maneuver is a first-aid procedure used to treat upper-airway obstructions aka choking. “

Dr. Paul applied these steps to his colleague.

  •  Stand behind the person with one leg forward between the person’s legs.
  •  Put your arms around the person and locate their belly button.
  •  Place the thumb side of one fist against the stomach just above the belly button.
  •  Grasp your fist with your other hand and thrust inward and upward into the person’s stomach. Use quick, thrusting movements five times or until they expel the item.

The Republican Lunch

Thursday’s Senate Republican lunch was hosted by Ernst. It featured a menu highlighting Iowa’s culinary delights, including substantial pork chops and beef sandwiches.