Native American child attacked online for racism by Woke Sports site


Carron Phillips, a senior writer at the woke sports site Deadspin targeted a young Kansas City Chiefs fan at an NFL game. The November 27 article “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress” has created ongoing controversy.

Phillips, a Pulitzer nominee, first accused the child of wearing “blackface” based on a photo taken in their profile. 

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Deadspin, Woke Sports Site

In the article, Carron Phillips claimed that a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to express disdain for both Black people and Native Americans simultaneously. The focus of the article was a photograph capturing a young fan with one side of his face painted black, wearing a Native American headdress.

While accusations of blackface circulated, a closer look at additional images revealed the fan had adorned team colors across his entire face, accompanied by the Native American headdress.


Some netizen comments slammed Phillips for being a “bully,” because his article was targeted toward a child.  And some commenters agreed with him.