Texas Law Takes On Illegal Immigration: Grants Police Powers for Arrest and Deportation


A Texas law could redefine the state’s role in handling illegal immigration. In a bold move challenging federal immigration authority Texas Senate Bill 4, is set to be signed by Governor Greg Abbott. 

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The new state law marks a significant departure from the traditional approach to immigration enforcement. This bill not only grants the police the authority to arrest illegal migrants but also empowers local judges to order their deportation.

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Texas Law passed

If signed into law, the Texas Senate Bill 4 would rank among the strictest immigration measures nationwide.  It enables police and judges to arrest and deport specific categories of illegal migrants within the state. 

Unlawful entry, under this legislation, would be classified as a state misdemeanor, carrying a potential punishment of up to two years in prison. However, the law would exclusively apply to recent arrivals, raising questions about its implications and the timeline for implementation.