HereAfter AI: Chatbots Communicate with Departed Loved Ones


HereAfter AI is an innovative app. It allows users to engage with AI chatbots that sound like voices and interact with the personalities of the dead. This novel approach to coping with loss raises both fascination and apprehension.

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In the age of rapid technological advancement, an intriguing trend has emerged. Now grieving families can turn to artificial intelligence to create digital avatars of their departed loved ones. And to hear the now-departed story and memories after death.  

Everyone has a story. And sometimes the details are lost forever when someone dies.

It is common to seek comfort in the memories of the departed. And these apps aim to contribute to the grieving process as well as, save the story of someone who has passed.

HereAfter AI, launched in 2019, has become a groundbreaking platform that commemorates the lives of the departed.

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