Hillary Clinton Expresses Concerns About President Joe Biden’s Age: Is It a Valid Concern?


Biden emphasized, “I believe I can do the job, I have been able to do the job, I’ve got more done, and I ran on that.”

Despite Clinton’s initial concerns, she seemed to offer a partial endorsement of Biden when concluding the interview.

She acknowledged his determination and credited his accomplishments, expressing hope that he would remain focused and competitive in the upcoming election. She said, “I think he can be re-elected, and that’s what we should all hope for.”

Joe Biden’s age is showing

The concern over Biden’s age was further fueled by recent incidents during his visit to meet the Japanese Prime Minister and at the G-7 Economic Summit. Reports emerged of Biden appearing confused and stumbling on stairs, raising questions about his cognitive abilities. And he snapped ‘Shush Up, OK?” to an Australian reporter.

And perhaps most troubling in the last 7 months, Biden has repeated at least three times the false claim that his son Beau Biden was killed while serving in Iraq. During his visit with United States troops stationed in Japan on Monday, President Biden misspoke again stating, “My son was a major in the US Army. We lost him in Iraq.”