Hogan Lovells Reappoints Zaldivar as CEO

Hogan Lovells Reappoints zaldivar

In a gripping move on Tuesday, transatlantic law giant, Hogan Lovells, announced the reappointment of Miguel Zaldivar to captain the ship as its chief executive officer for another four-year voyage. Poised to take the reins in July 2024, Zaldivar’s leadership journey will stretch until June 2028.

The decision to keep Zaldivar at the helm wasn’t made on a whim. In August, with the same harmony of a well-tuned orchestra, the firm had resonantly recommended Zaldivar’s continued leadership. And like the final crescendo in a symphony, partners unanimously voted to seal his reappointment on Tuesday.

Mergers Off The Table, Expansion Still On

Dousing the fires of speculation, Zaldivar’s reappointment follows hot on the heels of the firm’s strategic decision to abandon a merger course with Shearman & Sterling LLP. A partnership many considered a match made in legal heaven was not to be, as both firms decided to sail their separate ways after months of speculation.

Rather than merging with other titans, Zaldivar, akin to a seasoned explorer, has set his compass towards expanding Hogan Lovells’ territory in key U.S. regions. “Imagine a tree spreading its roots deeper in fertile grounds,” Zaldivar described his vision of gaining momentum in powerhouses like New York, California, and Texas, focusing on sectors that each state excels in.