Hurricane Hilary Disrupts Travel Plans Across the US: Over 6,000 Flights Affected


 Hurricane Hilary has left a trail of travel plans disrupted across the United States. The storm caused more than 6,000 flights to be canceled or delayed. 

This unprecedented event has jolted the air travel industry, with major airports grappling with cancellations and delays. Las Vegas and Southern California were especially hard-hit.

Last week Hurricane Hilary unleashed its fury over the southwestern United States.

The tumultuous weather conditions hit hard at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. 300 flights were canceled in multi-state interruptions of travel plans. Over 40% of scheduled flights were canceled. And it was the most affected airport in the nation.

Among the airlines impacted by the travel upheaval, Southwest Airlines’ operations were also hit hard. They had 714 cancellations on a single day. 

This accounted for nearly 17% of their daily flights. It was an indication of the challenges the storm caused for the entire airline industry. 

As Hurricane Hilary became a Tropical Storm, she left heavy rains in her wake. Over the weekend the turbulent weather conditions began to recede.