Hutchinson, Ramaswamy Bow Out of 2024 Presidential Election


Unlike Hutchinson, Ramaswamy indicated that he’d accept an offer to be Trump’s vice presidential candidate.

Throughout his run for office, Ramaswamy was repeatedly accused by critics of operating in the race as a sort of proxy for the 45th president. With him now backing Trump and showing openness towards a vice presidential role, many critics of Ramaswamy now feel vindicated in their views of him.

Next up: New Hampshire

With the Iowa caucuses over, the New Hampshire primary race is next up on the docket. Recent polling shows Haley and Trump each coming in at 40%, with DeSantis trailing.

So far in the Granite State, Haley has the endorsement of the governor and has been relentlessly working to win the primary. Gov. Sununu also continues his grassroots work to help propel Haley to victory in one week.