Hutchinson, Ramaswamy Bow Out of 2024 Presidential Election


Following yesterday’s Iowa GOP caucuses, the field of Republican contenders narrowed even further. While Trump, DeSantis, and Haley picked up delegates, remaining contenders Asa Hutchinson and Vivek Ramaswamy barely made a dent.

Throughout the entirety of the Republican primary, both Hutchinson and Ramaswamy struggled to gain any traction. In the former Arkansas governor’s case, he didn’t qualify for a single GOP debate. Ramaswamy also didn’t meet the qualifications for the 5th Republican debate earlier this month.

After dismal performances in the Iowa caucuses last night, these two candidates each retired their presidential bids.

What to know about Hutchinson’s departure from the election

This morning, the former Arkansas governor put out a statement announcing he’ll no longer keep running for the White House. Hutchinson, after congratulating Trump for winning the Iowa caucus, said he stands by his campaign and is grateful for all the work he got to do.

Finally, the former governor conceded that his message of “principled Republicanism” and “telling the truth” about Trump failed to connect with Iowa voters.

What to know about Ramaswamy’s departure from the election

Upon sorely losing the Iowa caucuses last night, Vivek Ramaswamy also terminated his presidential run. He took the liberty of endorsing Trump for the White House after conceding his own campaign didn’t go in the direction he expected.