Idaho Employs Measures to Fight Human Trafficking


Thankfully, this bill has cleared the House and the Senate. Now, Joe Biden just needs to sign it into law.

Testimony from law enforcement in Idaho

The women and men of law enforcement in Idaho often get an upfront look at the horrors human traffickers subject their victims to.

Detective Joe Whilden with the Meridian police has subsequently spoken out about what things look like on the ground. According to Whilden’s account, human traffickers often control the schedules and physical movements of those they are victimizing.

Furthermore, these predators confiscate the documents of trafficked persons to prevent them from fleeing. Beatings, isolation, and threats are additional horrors that victims of human trafficking remain subjected to on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, human traffickers don’t see the people they are exploiting as actual human beings. They view trafficked persons as property to be controlled, used at will, abused, etc.

It is critical for every state, community, law enforcement agency, and individual to join the fight against human trafficking. It is time to stop these monsters once and for all, rescue survivors, and ensure that no human being lives as a slave.