Idaho Employs Measures to Fight Human Trafficking


Every community in every state has a role to play in the fight against human trafficking. An untold number of individuals remain trapped in the clutches of human trafficking and modern-day slavery in real-time.

Thankfully, recent years have seen an uptick in more attention directed toward this issue. The same also applies to laws, initiatives, law enforcement efforts, and other avenues exhausted to stop human trafficking in its tracks.

One state that has joined the fight against human trafficking is none other than Idaho.

A closer look at Idaho’s work against human trafficking

The Idaho Department of Transportation is joining forces with the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition (IATC) to ensure the National Human Trafficking Hotline number is widely distributed across public buses.

Idaho GOP Sen. Jim Risch also brought forward the Human Trafficking Prevention Act. This is a clean piece of legislation that mandates public hubs and transportation vehicles to post the National Human Trafficking Hotline number.