Illinois Medical Officer Sentenced for Tax Fraud


Rossi was initially indicted in March 2022 for making false income tax returns from 2015 to 2017. A superseding indictment added six counts of mail fraud related to his scheme. Rossi pleaded guilty in February to one count of using the postal service fraudulently and one count of making a false income tax return in 2017.

Federal prosecutors argued for an enhanced sentence, noting that Rossi abused his position of trust at the orthopedic practice. Rossi not only managed the office but also served as a surgical assistant, receiving fees without properly accounting for overhead costs. His actions resulted in the practice suffering approximately $2.4 million in losses, including $409,000 in tax losses.

Illinois medical Officer Tax Fraud : Bond Violations and Detention

Rossi’s bond was revoked after he violated curfew orders and sold assets without permission. The Seventh Circuit upheld the decision to detain him while awaiting trial. Ramsey E. Covington, acting special agent in charge at the IRS Criminal Investigation office in Chicago, emphasized that Rossi’s sentencing demonstrates that deceit and theft will be punished, especially in times of crisis.

Legal Representation

The U.S. government was represented by Douglas F. McMeyer and Tanner K. Jacobs of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of Illinois. Rossi was represented by Richard H. Blake of McDonald Hopkins. Neither Rossi’s attorney nor the U.S. Attorney’s Office provided comments on the sentencing.