The Singularity is Nearer: Ray Kurzweil Book predicts Humans will merge with Machines


In his new book “The Singularity is Nearer” Ray Kurzweil predicts that humanity is on the road to merging with machines. And that by the 2030’s ‘virtual immortality” will be possible.

He also claims in his latest book that dead people will come back first as simulations then as ‘printed’ living bodies. The book has other astonishing forecasts, as well. But the experts don’t discount his predictions.

 Kurzweil is a futurist, a philosopher, an inventor and a tech prophet. He has a near perfect track record of predicting sea changes in technology, including artificial intelligence (AI).

The author is also a long-time Google executive whose net worth is estimated at more than $30 million. 

In 1990 he wrote his first book. In The Age of Intelligent Machines, he outlined almost every technology advancement for the next 2 decades. 

Kurzweil famously predicted the downsizing of computers, the iPhone era and even that a computer would beat someone at chess by 1998.

The Singularity is Nearer

Kurzweil predicts that by the 2030s, “virtual immortality” will be achievable, fundamentally transforming human existence.