Israel Formally Declares War Against Hamas in response to major attack 


In a dramatic turn of events, the Israeli government officially declared war against Hamas on Sunday. The government vows to take “significant military steps” in response to Hamas’ surprise attack launched from the Gaza Strip. 

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The conflict has since escalated, with the death toll surpassing 900 and thousands left wounded on both sides.

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War against Hamas

Over 24 hours after the initial incursion by Hamas, Israeli forces are still engaged in efforts to eliminate the last remaining pockets of militant fighters who have taken refuge in various towns across southern Israel.

The scale of the devastation is staggering, with at least 600 reported deaths in Israel, marking an unprecedented level of loss for the country in decades. Meanwhile, over 300 lives have been lost in Gaza as a result of Israeli airstrikes relentlessly pounding the territory.

Authorities are currently in the process of determining the exact number of civilians and soldiers who were seized by Hamas fighters during the chaos and subsequently taken back to Gaza. Disturbing videos and witness accounts confirm that among the captives are women, children, and the elderly.