Israel Receives International Support Amid Terrorist Attack From Hamas


For decades, the nation of Israel has been one of America’s most robust allies.

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The United States and Israel consistently work hand in hand to tackle various regional threats, in addition to ensuring overall security and peace in the Middle East. This relationship covers a lot of ground and does a lot of good.

Israel itself is also a nation with lots of beauty. From lively cities like Tel Aviv to historical religious communities such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem, along with attractions like the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee, there’s much to behold and enjoy.

Unfortunately, Israel came under attack earlier this weekend from the radical Palestinian terrorist group known as Hamas. Amid this invasion, Israel is bravely fighting to defend its homeland as the world rallies around it.

What to know about the attack on Israel

Hamas terrorists began their raid on Israel by sending rockets into this country. They also forcefully invaded the homeland by sea, land, and air.

In the midst of this attack, disturbing reports have come out of Hamas not just destroying property in Israel, but also kidnapping and harming the Israeli people themselves. Some Israelis have been taken hostage and forcibly transported to Gaza. Footage of this exists on multiple social media platforms.