ITC Says Chinese Pressure Washers Harmed US Cos.

ITC Says Chinese Pressure Washers Harmed US Cos.

In a unanimous decision, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has declared a resounding blow to domestic manufacturers, affirming that subsidized Chinese gas-powered pressure washers are wreaking havoc on American businesses. These products, flooding the U.S. market at unfairly slashed prices, have left a trail of economic damage in their wake.

ITC Says Chinese Pressure Washers Harmed US Cos. : Commission’s Verdict Paves Way for Tariffs

The commission’s ruling paves the way for the U.S. Department of Commerce to unleash a barrage of high tariffs, dwarfing the value of these pressure washers from China. Some of these tariffs exceed quadruple the products’ original worth, signaling a stern response to the destabilizing impact of these imports.

“Commerce will issue antidumping duty and countervailing orders on imports of this product,” affirmed the commission in a statement following the decisive vote on Wednesday.

Under Scrutiny: Chinese Pressure Washers

Both the commission and the Commerce’s International Trade Administration have been diligently probing into the influx of gas-powered pressure washers, prompted by a petition from the Wisconsin-based FNA Group Inc. Claiming to be under siege from a relentless onslaught of low-priced imports, FNA Group Inc., touted as the nation’s largest gas-powered pressure washer manufacturer, sought recourse against what it termed a “low-priced, high-volume assault” from Chinese and Vietnamese rivals.

ITC Says Chinese Pressure Washers Harmed US Cos.: Tariffs Take Aim

U.S. trade officials have lent credence to FNA Group’s distress, unearthing evidence of unfair subsidies propping up China’s pressure washer industry and the deliberate undercutting of U.S. prices by imports from both China and Vietnam.