Joaquin Altenberg finally has his day in court


On September 24 to 26 Joaquin Altenberg finally appeared in Delaware Chancery Court which was proceeded by Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster. The trial progressed on the issues in the case, but also included testimony about numerous withdrawals by law firms Richards, Layton & Finger and Finger & Slanina due to lack of payment by Altenberg.

When asked about his past attorneys, Altenberg described both prior counsel of performing sloppy work, testifying that they did not listen to him. Altenberg was represented David Wilks of Wilks, Lukoff & Bracegirdle. Evidence was presented that it has been a rough few years for Altenberg after receiving investment funds related to VERT Solar Finance, which is now in bankruptcy.

In addition to being sued in Delaware Chancery Court by Plaintiffs HOMF II Investment Corp. Altenberg has been involved in litigation of disputes with numerous parties who have conducted business with the now defunct solar company VERT Solar Finance. Attorney for the Plaintiffs, Sid Liebesman of Fox Rothschild, drilled Altenberg on many matters related to the dispute, one exchange seemed especially critical:

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