Kim Kardashian Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Fake Donald Judd Tables


Foundation’s Stand

The Judd Foundation, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the esteemed artist, asserts that Kardashian’s actions have not only tarnished the reputation of Donald Judd’s work but also compromised the foundation’s ability to uphold the quality standards associated with his creations. Notably, Donald Judd, known for his distinctive minimalist style, meticulously crafted furniture pieces, which have garnered acclaim for their precision and geometric aesthetics.

Legal Ramifications

The lawsuit, encompassing claims of trademark infringement, false advertising, copyright infringement, and unfair competition under California law, seeks extensive remedies. These include injunctive relief, the retraction of the contentious video, issuance of a corrective statement, and the recycling of the allegedly counterfeit furniture. Moreover, the Judd Foundation demands restitution for any profits garnered by Kardashian and Clements Design, along with damages, litigation costs, and attorney fees.