Kim Kardashian Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Fake Donald Judd Tables

Kim Kardashian Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Fake Donald Judd Tables

Inauthenticity Allegations

Kim Kardashian, the renowned entrepreneur, is embroiled in a legal battle following allegations of promoting counterfeit Donald Judd furniture. According to documents filed in a California federal court on Wednesday, Kardashian stands accused of purchasing knockoff versions of Donald Judd’s “La Mansana Table 22” and “Chair 84” from Clements Design for her Skkn By Kim office space. These pieces were subsequently showcased in a video to her substantial YouTube following, which reportedly exceeds 2 million subscribers. The lawsuit, brought forth by the Judd Foundation, asserts that despite attempts to rectify the situation, Kardashian has allegedly failed to acknowledge the faux nature of the furniture.

Misleading Promotion

The crux of the lawsuit revolves around a YouTube video titled “Welcome to my Office! Official Skkn By Kim Office Tour,” where Kardashian purportedly presented the knockoff tables and chairs as authentic creations by the late artist Donald Judd. The Judd Foundation contends that this misrepresentation has led to significant consumer confusion, with the video amassing over 3.7 million views. Furthermore, media coverage reportedly echoed Kardashian’s claims, perpetuating the misconception that the furniture bore the hallmark of Judd’s renowned craftsmanship.