KKR Buys Stake In Health Tech Biz Cotiviti

KKR Buys Stake In Health Tech Biz Cotiviti

In a move shaking the healthcare analytics realm, private equity giant KKR & Co. Inc. has sealed a deal to snag a stake in Cotiviti, a leading player in health technology. The announcement, made by Cotiviti on Wednesday, unveils a transaction valued at a staggering $10.5 billion, marking a significant stride in the industry’s landscape.

KKR Buys Stake In Health Tech Biz Cotiviti : Unveiling the Deal

The acquisition, shrouded in speculation since December, is set to finalize in the second quarter of this year, unveiling a scenario where KKR and Veritas Capital will share equal ownership stakes in Cotiviti, as per the company’s revelation.

Financial intricacies remain veiled, although insider whispers hint at the valuation hovering around the $10.5 billion mark, an astronomical figure that underscores the magnitude of the deal.

KKR Buys Stake In Health Tech Biz Cotiviti : Industry Voices

“I am thrilled to extend our collaboration with Veritas and extend a warm welcome to KKR as a new partner,” remarked Emad Rizk, Cotiviti’s CEO. “Since our initial alliance with Veritas in 2016, we’ve witnessed exponential growth, bolstering our value proposition to customers. Collaborating with both KKR and Veritas, we aim to harness our distinctive solutions to revolutionize healthcare’s cost and quality dynamics.”

Strategic Investment

Max Lin, a KKR partner, elucidated on the strategic significance of the move. “Cotiviti has curated an innovative suite of solutions, embraced by nearly two hundred healthcare payers, ensuring precision and efficacy in healthcare delivery,” stated Lin. “Our collaboration with Cotiviti and Veritas will fuel accelerated growth through continued investments in talent and technology.”

Fund Dynamics

KKR’s foray into Cotiviti is primarily routed through its North America Fund XIII, a behemoth with $19 billion in assets, steered by Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. Veritas, on the other hand, will funnel its investment through Veritas Fund VIII, navigating with Kirkland & Ellis LLP, and bolstered by $10.65 billion in committed capital.

KKR Buys Stake In Health Tech Biz Cotiviti : Legal Architects

Legal maestros at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, spearheaded by Jennifer Perkins, Daniel Guerin, and Adam Shapiro, orchestrated KKR’s maneuvers in the deal, while Paul Hastings LLP, led by John Cobb, steered the financing arrangements.

Taciturn Response

As curtains draw on the deal’s announcement, KKR, Veritas, and Cotiviti maintained a stoic silence, refraining from further commentary.