Lake Tahoe Cold Case: 4 Decades-Old Mystery


The South Lake Tahoe Police Department, responsible for the missing persons case, played a crucial role in obtaining the familial DNA. The match conclusively identified the skull as the remains of Donna Lass.

Following Donna Lass’s disappearance, her family never gave up hope, hiring private detectives in an ongoing effort to locate her.

 The announcement of the DNA match brought a mix of emotions to the surviving family members. Authorities have notified the family, and investigators are actively working to reexamine the case. The sheriff’s office expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort that led to the identification of the Lass family.

Donna Lass’s disappearance, labeled as “suspicious” by detectives, continues to raise questions about the circumstances surrounding her death. 

Zodiac Killer Connection

While the identification brings a measure of closure, the details of how she died remain unclear. South Lake Tahoe Police spokesperson Stevenson mentioned that, even though it was a long time ago, families never forget, and the pain of the unknown is enduring.