Lake Tahoe Cold Case: 4 Decades-Old Mystery


Human remains found decades ago have been identified as Donna Lass, a woman who went missing in the early 1970s. Due to the advancements in DNA technology the Lake Tahoe cold case, is being investigated with new evidence.

In 1986, authorities stumbled upon a skull off Highway 20 and Interstate 80 near Lake Tahoe, California. 

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office reported that no additional evidence was found at the time, but the skull was preserved by the Placer County Coroner’s Office. 

Decades later, a newly established cold case team took on the challenge of investigating unsolved missing persons and suspicious death cases.

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Missing Woman ID: Donna Lass

Donna Lass, a 25-year-old nurse, vanished from the South Lake Tahoe area in September 1970. There was no evidence of murder left behind. Her skull was not found until 15 years later. The case was cold from the start.