Lin Wood’s Ex-Colleagues Defamation Suit Ends in Favor of Plaintiffs

Lin Wood Ex-Colleagues Defamation Suit

In a pivotal ruling, a Georgia federal judge delivered a significant victory to the former associates of disbarred attorney L. Lin Wood in their defamation lawsuit on Tuesday. The ruling found Wood guilty of falsely accusing them of criminal extortion.

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Lin Wood’s Ex-Colleagues Defamation Suit : Victory in Court

U.S. District Judge Michael L. Brown firmly dismissed Wood’s assertion that his statements about his ex-colleagues were merely exaggerated speech. The decision followed a motion from Nicole Jennings Wade, Jonathan D. Grunberg, and G. Taylor Wilson, who alleged defamation by Wood. The trio sought partial summary judgment, focusing on the elements of publication, defamatory meaning, and falsity.

Disbarment in December

Wood faced disbarment in Colorado back in December, setting the stage for the legal battle that ensued.

Lin Wood’s Ex-Colleagues Defamation Suit: Literal Accusations

Judge Brown’s order countered Wood’s defense, highlighting that his accusations of extortion couldn’t be justified as figurative language. Wood’s social media posts directly implicated Wade, Grunberg, and Wilson, suggesting their involvement in criminal activity and advocating for their disbarment. The judge emphasized the literal nature of Wood’s accusations, dismissing any claims of hyperbole or opinion.

False Claims Exposed

Furthermore, the court unveiled Wood’s false claims regarding extortion, his mental health, and alleged interference in his personal matters. Wood’s assertions regarding the plaintiffs’ demand for a $1.25 million settlement were debunked, with the court clarifying that such actions do not constitute criminal extortion.

Legal Ramifications

Wood’s motion for summary judgment was firmly denied by the court, which refuted his argument regarding the absence of actual malice in his statements. The ruling made it clear that Wade, Grunberg, and Wilson were not deemed public figures under the First Amendment, thereby alleviating the need for a stricter standard in their defamation suit.

No Room for Oral Argument

Additionally, Wood’s request for oral arguments was swiftly dismissed by the court, which deemed it unnecessary.

Lin Wood’s Ex-Colleagues Defamation Suit : Awaiting Responses

Requests for comments from the involved parties remained unanswered at the time of reporting.

Legal Representation

Wade, Grunberg, and Wilson enlisted the representation of Andrew M. Beal and Milinda L. Brown from Beal Sutherland Berlin & Brown LLC.