Lisa Walsh Denies CEO’s Request in $80 Million FxWinning Lawsuit

Lisa Walsh denies FxWinning

In a courtroom drama playing out over video conference, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh took a decisive stand against FxWinning Ltd. CEO Rafael Brito Cutié’s attempt to dismiss an $80 million lawsuit. This legal battle, zooming in from the virtual sphere, revolves around a group of Florida investors accusing FxWinning of withholding substantial funds.

The Cyprus Connection: CEO’s Service Quash Bid Rejected

The plot thickens with Brito, residing in Cyprus, challenging the legality of the service process. Judge Walsh, however, found no merit in his arguments, affirming that the investors had appropriately served him via FedEx, following her nod for an alternative service method.

A Legal Labyrinth: The Company’s Service in Question

Adding to the intrigue, Walsh agreed to an evidentiary hearing to unravel whether FxWinning, as a foreign entity, was rightfully doing business in Florida, and thus, whether the service on the company was valid. This hearing promises to be a pivotal juncture, potentially shaping the case’s trajectory.

The Service Saga: Investors’ Clever Maneuver

The investors, determined to corner FxWinning, served the company through Florida’s secretary of state, invoking a law targeting elusive foreign businesses. This strategic move points to the high-stakes chess game playing out in the courtroom.

Opposing Arguments: A Clash of Legal Titans

In this courtroom showdown, FxWinning’s attorney Brian Barakat argues against the company being labeled as actively doing business in Florida. On the other side, investors’ attorney Ryan Todd stands firm, asserting the company’s undeniable business footprint in the state.

A Legal Precedent: Judge Walsh’s Cautious Approach

Walsh, keen to avoid a repeat of the appeals process seen in the 2014 Boca Stel 2 LLC v. JPMorgan Chase Bank case, opts for a thorough evidentiary hearing. This move signals her commitment to meticulously unraveling the complexities of this high-stakes dispute.

The Core of the Conflict: Investors’ Plight

At the heart of this legal saga is the investors’ claim that FxWinning is unjustly hoarding over $80 million of their funds. They allege a breach of investment terms, with the company starting to decline fund transfer or withdrawal requests around February 203.

The Global Web: FxWinning’s Decentralized Operations

The lawsuit paints a picture of FxWinning as a decentralized entity, with no clear headquarters, yet connections to Hong Kong, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, and Cyprus. This international web adds layers of complexity to the legal proceedings.

Miami-Dade Link: The Local VP Connection

Adding a local twist, the suit reveals that Roman Cardenas, FxWinning’s vice president and a Miami-Dade resident, though not a defendant in the case, further entangles the company in Florida’s legal web.

Legal Representatives: The Faces Behind the Case

The battle lines are drawn with Justin Kaplan and Ryan Todd of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP representing the investors, while Brian Barakat and Jocelyne A. Macelloni of Barakat + Bossa PLLC defend the accused.

The Legal Road Ahead

As the case, CFT Solutions LLC et al. v. FxWinning Ltd., unfolds in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, all eyes are on Judge Walsh’s courtroom. The impending evidentiary hearing is set to be a crucial chapter in this gripping legal narrative, where millions are at stake, and the principles of international business and investor rights hang in the balance.