Lisbon Airport Authority Sounds the Alarm Over Lost Luggage Scam


In today’s world, travel scams are an unfortunate risk of going from point a to point b. Unscrupulous individuals often see travelers as easy targets to fleece. That’s especially common with travelers going to places where they’re not familiar with the native language or currency.

However, when on the move, people can take steps to protect themselves and avoid being taken advantage of. While travel scams are consistently changing, some of the most common ones include intentional overcharges from taxi drivers, fake websites purporting to provide visas, and fraudsters posing as “visa officials” at different national borders.

In Lisbon, Portugal, travelers are now being warned about the new lost luggage scam.

Here’s what you need to know

A Facebook post – falsely claiming affiliation with Lisbon’s airport – asserts to be selling lost luggage for two euros. To make the scam seem credible, multiple comments on the post allege to have purchased Macbooks, sunglasses, and name-brand clothing from those selling misplaced bags.