LIVE COVERAGE: Day 11 Of Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Trial

Day 35 Of Trump's NY Civil Fraud Trial

On day 11 of Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Trial, Attorney General Counsel Eric Haren presented a cascade of financial revelations during Day 11’s courtroom drama. Witnesses and evidence unfolded in a perplexing fashion, unveiling a tangled web of cash flow projections and financial intricacies concerning various Trump properties.

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Day 11 Of Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Trial: Kidder’s Shocking Revelation

Assistant controller for the Trump Organization, Donna Kidder, took center stage as Haren guided her through a series of astonishing revelations. Kidder disclosed that she had sent cash flow projections and reports to the now-former Trump Organization CFO, Allen Weisselberg, as part of her duties. These reports served to update Trump on his financial matters until he ascended to the presidency, at which point his assets were held in a trust that ultimately benefited him.

The most bewildering revelation emerged as Kidder admitted her misunderstanding that her calculations would be employed to estimate Trump’s net worth. She underscored the importance of Allen Weisselberg’s review, clarifying that this scrutiny encompassed all financial documents before they were disseminated to third parties.

“One Pocket to Another”

Haren delved into the specifics, inquiring about a phrase used by Weisselberg to describe the flow of money between Trump’s various entities and why it had been omitted from a report to the outside lender, Ladder Capital. Kidder confirmed her previous testimony, responding, “One pocket to another.” This statement raised perplexing questions about the financial maneuvers undertaken by the Trump Organization.

Explosive Line-Items

The courtroom buzzed with intrigue as line-items within Kidder’s reports came under scrutiny, notably those labeled as “management fees” paid by Trump’s properties, including the iconic 40 Wall Street. These line-items added an additional layer of complexity to the financial web being unraveled within the courtroom.

10:00 a.m.: Day 11 Unfolds

As the clock struck 10:00 a.m., the 60 Centre Street courthouse was abuzz with anticipation, brimming with court officers and Secret Service agents. The star of the show, former President Donald Trump, was expected to make his return to the courtroom, ready to face another day of riveting testimony in the Attorney General’s fraud lawsuit against him.

Day 11 Of Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Trial: A Notable Absence

However, there was one noticeable absence that added an element of unpredictability to the day’s proceedings. Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime attorney and fixer, whose 2019 congressional testimony set the wheels of the state’s investigation in motion, was notably absent. Cohen cited a “painful” medical condition, delaying his testimony until the following week. As the legal drama continued without him, the courtroom was poised to hear from Donna Kidder, the assistant controller for the Trump Organization, whose role in moving money around and managing expenses at Trump’s properties had already provided explosive testimony.

Attorney General’s Presence

The courtroom’s excitement peaked when Attorney General Letitia James, who had been absent on several previous days of testimony, made a dramatic entrance, waving a cheerful good morning to the gallery. The anticipation of what was yet to come hung thick in the air.

Day 11 Of Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Trial: Trump’s Arrival

The anticipation culminated as Donald Trump entered the courtroom, sporting a bright red tie, flanked by his legal team, including attorneys Alina Habba, Chris Kise, and Cliff Robert. Alan Garten, the general counsel of the Trump Organization, was also in attendance. The stage was set for another day of explosive revelations, complex financial maneuvers, and riveting legal theatrics in this high-stakes trial.