LIVE COVERAGE: Day 37 Of Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Trial

Trump Secret Docs Case

The courtroom drama unfolds as the 37th day of Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York commences. Today’s proceedings are set to feature the seventh expert witness, bringing insights into the realm of commercial real estate lending and the practical use of financial statements in the industry.

Expert Insight: The Role of Financial Statements in Real Estate

The defense team’s phrasing of “the real world” sets the stage for today’s testimony. This expert, delving into the nuances of commercial real estate lending, is expected to shed light on how financial statements, similar to those used by Trump, play a crucial role in business practices.

The Core of the Controversy: Trump’s Financial Manoeuvres

Attorney General Letitia James points an accusing finger at Trump, his adult sons, and former executives, alleging a conspiracy to defraud banks and insurers of colossal sums. The accusation? Trump and his associates inflated his personal wealth on financial statements to dupe financial institutions out of hefty interest payments and insurance premiums.