Live Nation Confirms Data Breach as Lawsuit Alleges Failure to Secure Information

ticketmaster live nation lawsuit

Los Angeles, CA – Live Nation Entertainment confirmed in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Friday that there was “unauthorized activity” in a third-party database, and a hacker claimed to have Ticketmaster consumer data for sale on the dark web. This announcement comes days after a lawsuit was filed, alleging the companies failed to secure customer data.

In a brief Form 8-K, Live Nation reported discovering the breach on May 20 within a third-party cloud database containing company data, primarily from its Ticketmaster subsidiary. The company is now working with forensic investigators to determine the extent of the breach and mitigate risks to both itself and its customers.

On May 27, a “criminal threat actor” offered what was alleged to be Ticketmaster user data for sale on the dark web. The hacker group ShinyHunters listed the private information of 560 million Ticketmaster customers for sale, a breach first reported by Italian media outlet Hackread.

Following this, consumers Cynthia Ryan and Rosalie Garcia, represented by Clarkson Law Firm PC, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday. They allege that Live Nation and Ticketmaster failed to implement adequate cybersecurity measures to protect customers’ personal identifiable information. The data breach was attributed to the companies’ negligence in securing their systems, enabling unauthorized third-party access to customers’ personal data.