Marcus & Zelman Seeks $29K in Attorney Fees

Marcus & Zelman seeks $29K in attorney fees

In a legal twist that rivals a high-stakes poker game, a New Jersey law firm is seeking a whopping $29,000 in attorney fees after securing a $10,000 settlement in a debt collection case that involved alleged predatory practices. Marcus & Zelman LLP, which successfully represented Anne Hameed, has left the courtroom buzzing with its bold request, which is nearly three times the settlement amount. But is this a legal gamble that will pay off?

Marcus & Zelman Seeks $29K in Attorney Fees : A Bold Request

Marcus & Zelman LLP, fresh from their recent victory on behalf of Anne Hameed, is now aiming for a much larger prize. In their fee request filed Monday, they argue that despite the simplicity of the case, substantial attorney involvement and litigation were necessary. This, they contend, justifies their staggering demand.

The Numbers Game

The law firm’s request amounts to $29,000 in fees, meticulously tabulated from over 59 hours of combined work by two attorneys. To add a layer of complexity, they’re also seeking reimbursement for approximately $1,600 in filing and transcription costs, pushing the grand total above the $30,000 mark.

Marcus & Zelman Seeks $29K in Attorney Fees : The Backstory

The legal saga began in August 2022 when Anne Hameed accused Parsippany-based firm Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC of launching a deceptive medical debt collection scheme. Hameed claimed the firm tried to collect thousands of dollars in medical debt that her insurance had already covered. The situation escalated when they sued her and placed a levy on her finances, emptying her bank account. Hameed took action under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.